Ann Schell, Raleigh, N.C

Ann Schell lives two miles from her parents’ home in the North Hills area of Raleigh where GC5 Estate Services conducted an estate sale for her. After Ann’s father suddenly passed away, her mother moved to a transitional care facility, creating the need to clean out the contents of her home. After initially contacting an auction house, Ann and her mother were told an estate sale may better fit their needs and the auction house recommended GC5 Estate Services.

“After my father’s passing, it was very overwhelming for my mother to know where to start in cleaning out the contents of her home. Other than the bedroom and living room furniture she was taking to the care home, she was selling the remaining contents –including items from the electronics business my father ran out of their garage.

Right from our initial consultation with GC5’s John and Amanda Giustiniani, there was a level of trust. They were very compassionate about our loss and provided us with estimates for a piano and organ that my mother was concerned about pricing in the sale. They also consulted with another professional to ensure the proper pricing of the electronics from my father’s business.

A big plus in using GC5 was that we didn’t have to do a thing. That took a huge load off of our minds. They understood our goal was to get rid of stuff, while getting the most profit possible. For the amount of work they did, their commission was very fair and they made the entire process very easy for our family.”

Jim Stewart, Wendell, N.C.

Jim Stewart and his family were in the process of moving from Wendell, N.C., back home to Sacramento, Calif. for his wife’s dream job when they realized they needed GC5 Estate Services. With his wife already waiting for him on the West Coast, Jim needed to sell their 4000-square -foot home and most of its contents so they could downsize into their smaller, new home in Sacramento.

“Over the years, we’d acquired a diverse range of items and while it was difficult to give up possessions that had been in our family for a long time, we were downsizing and moving across the country.

Instead of selling our belongings separately through eBay, consignment shops and auctions, I interviewed four local estate sale companies. I chose to work with John and Amanda Giustiniani because of their broad knowledge on the varied things we were trying to sell, which included paintings, antiques, books, silverware and other niche or specialty items. Unlike the other companies, GC5 Estate Services’ sales lasted three days – giving us an extra sale day to sell more stuff.

I was living in our home during the sale and witnessed the hard work completed by John and Amanda. They logically staged our stuff and helped us sell almost everything – from big household appliances to an unopened jar of mayonnaise in our panty. Their commission is well worth it and I don’t know how we could’ve made the move without them.”

Kelly Carraway, Century 21 Real Estate Agent, Raleigh, N.C.

On average, Century 21 Real Estate Agent Kelly Carraway uses GC5 Estate Services four times a year. GC5 helps her clients who have estates that need to be cleaned out or are sellers who have too much stuff and need to get rid of items in order to increase the marketability of their homes.

“John and Amanda Giustiniani of GC5 Estate Services provide a service that realtors cannot– they quickly liquidate the contents of a home in a respectful manner through professional estate sales. Whether my clients are downsizing or selling the contents of a loved one’s home who has passed away, John and Amanda understand the emotional side of estate sales, as well as the business side.

Their hard work and diligence gets my clients’ homes in a condition to sell. In addition to the services they provide my sellers, they alert me if they come across something that isn’t working properly in the house and check with me before listing big items such as a washer, dryer or refrigerator for sale, to see if keeping them might help with selling the home. Their expertise and genuine love for what they do is evident in each estate sale they conduct.”

Carolyn Pecora, Henderson, N.C.

After her mother died in 2012 and then her stepfather in 2015, Carolyn Pecora and her two sisters were left with their six-bedroom house in Henderson, N.C. containing all of their belongings. Carolyn lives and works in Henderson, while her two sisters live out of town.

The siblings needed help organizing and selling the items in the home so they could put the property on the market to sell.

 “It’s overwhelming when you don’t know how to price collectibles, antiques and other items that belonged to your loved ones. Typically when you sell stuff, people ask you to reduce the price and that’s difficult with personal family items.

John and Amanda Giustiniani priced, tagged and organized everything. Prior to the sale, they took photos of the things that would be available for purchase and uploaded them to their website for potential buyers to view. Then, they conducted the sale while we were at the beach on vacation!

We received a lot of positive feedback from various sale attendees – even our estate attorney was impressed by their professionalism. We appreciated that GC5 Estate Services was accredited and we were very pleased by the amount we made from the sale.”