GC5 Estate Services is a professional estate sale company accredited by the American Society of Estate Liquidators, a nationally recognized organization for estate sale professionals. GC5 Estate Services also has an auction firm license (NCAL #9944) issued by the NC Auction Board. Large, small, modern or antique, GC5 Estate Services helps liquidate items for families of a loved one who is moving into assisted living or has passed away. We also help those who are downsizing, relocating or divorcing—whatever reason exists to clear the contents or partial contents of a home. The company was founded in 2009 by John and Amanda Giustiniani, whose combined skills and past experiences blend perfectly into the successful business they own today. For four years, they owned and operated GC5 Vintage & Gifts, a popular storefront along White Street in historic downtown Wake Forest. In 2012, they closed their storefront to devote 100 percent of their time to GC5 Estate Services. Amanda, a third-generation auctioneer who earned her license in 1999, has liquidated property alongside her family since she was a child. John enjoyed a successful career as vice president of sales for a technology company before becoming a certified eBay education specialist and top-rated seller familiar with the proper pricing of items for sale. Asked how they came up with the name of their company, Amanda explains: “We’re a blended family with “G” for Giustiniani (John’s family) and “C” for Cash (my children’s last name). Between us we have five children – Lonnie, Ben, Jacob, Grace and Matthew. You’ll often find them helping during our GC5 Estate Services’ sales.”
The vision of GC5 Estate Services is to make the stressful and emotional process of liquidating a lifetime of belongings as stress free and simple as possible on all of the families that allow us the opportunity to serve them.
GC5 Estate Services will operate with a compassionate understanding of each family’s needs. All GC5 Estate Services estate sales will be run in a professional, respectful and efficient manner, to insure the overall best outcome for all parties involved.