GC5 Estate Services is a full-service estate liquidation company that provides professional onsite estate sales (or what some call tag sales), as well as online auctions to residents in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area.

We understand that estate liquidation is a matter which requires careful consideration of family members during a stressful and often emotionally challenging time. The added responsibility of selling personal belongings, cleaning a home, and preparing the property for sale is often overwhelming.

Our goal is to make the process as stress- and hassle-free as possible. We bring care and compassion to our job as estate liquidators for homes large or small, modern and antique.

How we can help

Once you’ve reviewed our How It Works page, visit our How Can We Help? page and fill out the form.


You can contact Amanda to set-up an initial free consultation – call (919) 818-4534 or email.

You Are Hiring Experienced Professionals

This is not a hobby for us; it is our full time job. John, Amanda and all staff conduct business in a friendly, professional and efficient manner.

Loyal Customer Base

We really do have the best customers! There are a large number of customers that visit us each weekend no matter the location of our sale. Our years of experience conducting sales, together with our loyal customers base from our former retail store we have large crowds every week! You will find the marketing we do for each sale is quite extensive.

Computerized Accounting

At checkout all items are entered into our computer based point of sale system, identifying and categorizing all items sold. We will call you at the close of each sales day to give you an exact total of that day's revenue. This system allows us to pay our clients and provide sales reports within 5 business days of the sale.

Stellar Staging of the Home

Regardless if our client is alive or if they have passed, they have worked very hard for their possessions and their items should be displayed in a respectful manner.

Years of Research Experience

John and Amanda are both experienced in the art of pricing. We see many of the same items every weekend, when we come across uncommon treasures we know exactly how to determine a price. Some of our methods include, online subscription based sales databases, high end auction house relationships, and our favorite, the “phone a friend method”, where we tap into our contacts within the reseller and collector markets.

Equally Invested

Our compensation is a straight commission and there are no out of pocket expenses for our clients. With this said, it is in our best interest to get our clients a fair market value. Our job at the beginning of the sale is to generate as much money for you as possible and our job the last part of your sale is to liquidate as many items as possible. They are two very different jobs and we pride ourselves on accomplishing both.